"BRUCE is alive and well and knocaking dead in Bruce the Challnge"

In rarely seen of the real Bruce Lee a challenge is put forth to get Bruce Lee in the ring with one of the knon to the World. Nik (Knife) Ctello convinces his agent to follow around to get the first interview, (and what we know now to be the Bruce). Just to set a in front of him.this is a Experience put out by Hollywood Set Pictures Inc. B turn out much differnt, as you will see! Latests: Show yor


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Starring Shirley Jones,Marty Ingels, Don Hollywood Yates,Nik Catello,Shara Reyes, Kendahl Rowe, Zac Cornejo, Dani Poppitt. Directed By Mike Dahl Screenplay By Nicholas Michael Catello Produced By


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BRUCE is alive and well and ead in Bruce the Challenge.



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